29 October
Christen Eagle: Seething, Norfolk
Whilst landing, aircraft struck a tractor working in the undershoot. The aircraft crashed and burned killing the pilot and seriously injuring the passenger. The tractor driver was not injured.
(See AAIB Bulletin 09/2009).

25 October
Piper PA28-180: Nr Corriebracks, Wicklow Mountains, Ireland.
When the aircraft failed to arrive on a flight from Gloucester to Kilrush on the west coast of Ireland and extensive search found that all four occupants had been killed when the aircraft crashed in the Wicklow Mountains in the east of Ireland. The Flight Plan had been closed shortly before the accident.

17 October
PA38 Tomahawk: Robin Hoods Bay, Yorkshire.
The pilot, the sole occupant, was killed when the aircraft crashed into the sea near Robin Hoods Bay. The wreckage has been recovered.
(See AAIB Bulletin 09/2009)

18 August
Cessna 402 & a Rand KR-2: Nr Coventry Airport
The Cessna was engaged in flight calibration training during an ILS approach to runway 23 when it was involved in a mid-air collision with a Rand KR-2 homebuilt aircraft. The visibility was 10 km or more with scattered cloud at 2,000 ft. The four occupants of the Cessna and the single occupant of the Rand (763 total hours and 643 on type), were killed. Neither pilot saw the other in time to avoid the collision which was outside the Airport ATZ on the extended centreline and 3 nm from the threshold of runway 23. The left wing of the Cessna passed through the Rand causing an immediate disintegration which probably killed the Cessna handling pilot at impact.
The Rand had been on a constant bearing to the Cessna Commander/Safety Pilot in the right hand seat for approximately 3 minutes but the sightline to it from the Cessna probably intersected the canopy behind or slightly to the left of the windscreen centre pillar. The Rand was turning finals as number two behind a PA28 and that the Cessna was number 3 but had not been told that the Cessna was approaching on the ILS at 160 kts. The ATC booking sheet had been annotated ‘ILS calibration work’ but this had been incorrectly transferred to the flight strip as ‘IRT, denoting Instrument Rating Training’. The Cessna pilots (Commander 1,627 hours, handling pilot 2,281 hrs) believed they were operating under IFR but ATC were handling it as VFR.
(53 page AAR 8/2010 and AAIB Bulletin 12/2010)

5 April
Piper Saratoga: Nr Cairngorm
While on a flight from Carlisle to Wick, the aircraft crashed in poor weather near the top of Cairngorm killing the pilot, the sole occupant.
(See AAIB Bulletin 11/2009)

13 February
Piper PA28R-200 Arrow: Nr Rutland Water
The pilot, the sole occupant, was killed when the aircraft crashed during a short local flight.
(See AAIB Bulletin 06/2009).

23 January
Beech Baron: French Coast
While en-route from Coventry to Guernsey the aircraft went into the sea off the French coast. Two occupants were killed and one rescued.


1 November
Westland Gazelle: Nr Winchcombe, Glos
During a flight from near Stratford-on-Avon to the West Country, the helicopter crashed in bad weather and burned, killing all three occupants.
(See AAIB Bulletin 10/2009).

26 January
Aerospatiale Gazelle: Nr Harrogate, Yorkshire
The helicopter had reportedly just taken off from a luxury golf hotel when it crashed killing the newly qualified pilot and his wife.
(See AAIB Bulletin 11/2009).


12 May
Nr. Loch Lomond
AAIB are investigating the death of an anchorman to a paraglider pilot.

2 May
Eyam Edge, Derbyshire
The paraglider crashed killing the pilot. AAIB are investigating.
(See AAIB Bulletin 03/2009).

1 May
Sierra Nevada, Spain
The pilot was killed in a paraglider accident. A British Military team will investigate the circumstances.


9 October
RAF200 Gyroplane: Nr. Henstridge Airfield, Somerset
The sole occupant was killed when the gyroplane crashed near the airfield during an evening flight.
(See AAIB Bulletin 03/2010).


8 October
Flight Design CTSW: Saddleworth Moor
After taking off from Manchester Barton, the aircraft crashed on Saddleworth Moor killing the sole occupant.
(See AAIB Bulletin 11/2009).