Airprox Reports

None included in this listing.

Occurrence Reports

Engine Failures (8) Including one throttle stuck at high power and 3 chip detector warnings.

 Landing Accidents (1)

Runway Excursions (1) Overrun from rejected take-off.

Runway Incursions (0) None reported.

Wrong Runway (1)

Tyre Failures (0)

 Maintenance Reports (14+)

Taxiing Collisions (3)

Pitot Covers, chocks, towbar (0)

Loss of Comms (5)

Electrical Problem/Failure (1), including PFD, MFD and comms SR22

Taxi  Without Clearance in LVP’s (1)

IFR Level Bust (3)

 Wake Turbulence Encounters (0)

Severe Turbulence (2)

Part Fell Off in Flight (0)

Hatch Opened in Flight (1),contacted rotor blade.

CO Electronic Warning (0).

 Elevator Trim Failure (1)

Airspace Infringements (65)  

S suggests that systemic improvements could be considered.  Contributory factors were:
Inadequate planning (1).(S).
Weather Factors (3).
Visually avoiding traffic (1)
Transponders over reading (3).(S)

Lack of Knowledge (1).  One reporter believed CAS bases indicated height AGL.
Climbing too early after flight beneath a CAS base (0).
Take Two (2).

Misidentified surface features, lateral navigation error or misread the moving map (2).
Flying too wide a circuit or turning too late after departure (0).
Confusion of CAS bases (1), Combined with controller handover.
Altimetry (3). 
Two involved departing a circuit with QFE set.(S)
ATZ and gliding site infringements (10).
RA(T) (3) (S).
Danger Areas (2) S
Frequency congestion and ATC workload (3)
Wrong frequency selected (1).

Unfamiliar aircraft or avionics (3) S
Manchester LLR and Stansted TMZ (4).  All reports being incorrect squawk. S
Moving map failure (5).  These included tablet mounted device plus one other device falling off during take-off, Sky Demon on a telephone and double screen failure.
Farnborough CTR/CTA (5) S
Instructing or task (9)
Tech problems (4)