Regional Safety Officer Eastern England

Keith Thomas
Keith first learnt to fly a glider and then won a Flying Scholarship to obtain his PPL(A) on Cessna 150 aircraft.  He completed Basic Flying Training at RAFC Cranwell on the JP3 & 5 in 1972 before volunteering for rotary advanced training at RAF Ternhill on the Sioux and Whirlwind helicopters.  This was followed by the Wessex OCU at RAF Shawbury and posting to 72 Sqn on the Wessex. 

Ten further tours followed culminating at Shawbury in the fledgling Defence Helicopter Flying School.

Keith took early retirement and joined the CAA at Gatwick in 1999 retiring again in 2012 but continues to work for the CAA delivering Safety management System training courses around the world.

He currently flies a Vietnam vintage Huey on the display circuit.  He also holds an FAA Seaplane rating and a PPL Balloons.  He has purchased a balloon and regularly “commutes” to Italy to fly it.