Regional Safety Officer South West England and South Wales

Michael Benson
Michael originally learned to fly with the Air Cadets in a Slingsby Cadet Mk III at Henlow. Weak colour vision completely ruined his planned aviation career of tours on Lightnings, Canberras and Jaguars followed by a few years on Concorde.  In 1970 he became a primary school teacher, headteacher and school inspector. In 2000 Michael left teaching to focus on establishing a leadership development consultancy. 

A substantial piece of recent work has been in the Oil and Gas industry helping a global provider improve their safety through improving the safety leadership in their sector.  Many of the ideas applied in this setting are readily applied to aviation and vice versa. 

Michael gained a PPL in 1968 and has continued to fly mostly SEP’s ever since.  Having started training in Terriers, seen the arrival of Pipers and Cessnas, and the emergence of microlights, he has gone full circle as much of his present flying is in a 1942 Tiger Moth which eventually he hopes to be able to slow roll it properly! 

Favourite aircraft:                    Tiger Moth, Cadillac of the Skies

Favourite safety phrase:         I can’t believe I just did that!